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kids yoga syracuse

Empowering children to love and believe in themselves through YOGA, BREATHWORK, and CREATIVITY.

Welcome, I am Trista!

I believe every child is special, capable, and strong. I show children how to love and take care of themselves so they can move through their days with greater understanding and resilience.


My classes are joyous, playful, and calming

I had a difficult time growing up and I wish I had someone to warmly guide me towards self-love. I didn’t know how to use my body and breath to regulate my nervous system. In my teaching, I provide tools that help children navigate big emotions. 

Trista Phillipson Little Yogis
Kids yoga teacher CNY

Yoga is a powerful tool for our children who find themselves in a challenging and over-stimulating world. 

I am always excited to go to yoga. I use my breathing to calm me down in school. I've learned so many yoga poses. I love the crafts we do. My favorite is when we lay in the dark, listen to music, and meditate.

Addison, Age 7

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