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About Trista

My beginnings

I was scared of everything as a child.

I didn’t feel good enough, smart enough, or important enough. This lack of safety and confidence held me back from trying new things. My complicated family system was hard to navigate. I craved connection

When I discovered yoga after my son was born 14 years ago, I felt a release. The mat became the place that I could let go of stress, perfectionism, and caregiving. I felt good in my body. I realized, I can do this. The safety of the practice and my teacher supported me in returning to my true essence.

I finally found the connection, confidence, and safety I so desperately craved growing up. I have never felt more like myself than when I practice yoga. 



My path to teaching

Several years into my practice, I was called to explore a kids yoga training. The more I learned and taught, the more I realized how important these tools are for children to have access to.

Children are inherently brave, loving, and overflowing with potential. 

I fell in love with giving children space to be their authentic selves, unapologetically. I teach kids that it is safe to fail and be imperfect, reminding them that they can do hard things. I strive to be the kind, positive figure that I needed as a child.

It is the greatest gift to look into a child’s eyes and to truly see them. 


Yoga helps kids manage everyday stress through breathing, movement, and meditation. It strengthens their confidence and body awareness.


  • Grounded Kids Yoga, 95-hr Yoga Teacher Training (2015, 2020)

    • Lesson planning for kids yoga

    • Trauma-based yoga

    • Special-needs teaching

  • Boston Yoga School, 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (2017)

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